About this project

Photography is a skill that has two sides: The technical and the creative. One is about camera gear and settings, about aperture, shutter speed and focal length, while the other is about composition and exposure, about having the eye for a good picture.

This project is aimed at training my photographic eye. I will take a picture every single day of the year 2014 and post it to this blog. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece, but it will encourage me to walk through this world with a bit more attention to detail and the beauty that is everywhere.

All pictures will be taken with the mobile phone (currently Samsung Galaxy S2, yeah, I'm not the latest-gear-head) and most probably enhanced a bit with effects, depending on what feels right. The app I'm using is "Camera MX", because it is simple and has a ton of creative features. I then share the picture to the Blogger app and add some thoughts. I looked at several different options, mainly Instagram or even different camera apps, but the final setup was the one that worked best.

So, as I said, this blog is supposed to train the photographic eye and will give you a chance to follow me through the year. If you want to see my other pictures taken with a real camera, please visit my main website www.beauty-in-frames.com.